How Do You Use TikTok? TikTok Tutorial! Voice Effects, Timer Settings, How To Use Music in TikTok Videos & More!

Hi! I LOVE TikTok! :) If you've been wondering how to use TikTok,
you've come to the right place! Just watch my TikTok Tutorial Video
above and I'll give you a complete overview!

I'll answer the following questions:

How do I use voice effects on TikTok?

How do I use music and sounds in TikTok Videos?

How do I edit TikTok Videos in the app after I record my clips?

How do I set the Timer on TikTok to start and stop at certain points in the video?

How do I add gifs and other stickers to my TikTok Videos?

How do I change the text on my TikTok video to appear and disappear?

How do I change filters on my TikTok Videos?

Thanks so much for watching!!


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Here are some of my favorite new TikTok Dance Trends:

Buttons (Pussycat Dolls) TikTok Dance Created by Nicole Trimmer!

Twilight TikTok Dance Created by Twaimz!

Supalonely (Benee) TikTok Dance Created by zoifishh

Sunday Best (Surfaces) TikTok Dance Created by Addison Rae (Remix by RapidSongs)

Get Busy (Sean Paul) TikTok Dance Created by Sarah Magusara & Modified by Charli D'Amelio

Blueberry Faygo TikTok Dance Created by Charli D'Amelio

Cannibal (Kesha) TikTok Dance Created by Briana Hantsch

Don't Start Now (Dua Lipa) TikTok Dance Created by Hannah Kaye Balanay

Say So (Doja Cat) TikTok Dance Created by Haley Sharpe (yodelinghayley)
Haley did her dance in the official music video!! YAAAAAY! SOOOOO happy for her!!! :)

Get Up (Ciara & Chamillionaire) TikTok Dance Created by Lance Savali
(Lance is an AMAZING Choreographer!!)

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