hopeless hoping

who knew that night
you'd be waiting there for me?
who could have told me after a year
of hopeless hoping it might actually happen?
maybe i did know somewhere
trapped inside your reply
maybe that's why i was here
hanging on your words all of this time

so what are we doing now?
what do you want?
the resonance of your confident words
shattered my reality
but what words are there now?
what will time allow?

you linger in my gaze
as i wait in the wings for my cue from you
but where is my script and where are your lines?
what's your next move?

i'm wanting to tell you but i'm
waiting to reply
'cause you sure do confuse me and i'm
wondering, wondering why


i'm playing the scene over and over in my mind
i'm looking for an answer that's so hard to find
i'm hoping you'll tell me, i'm hoping you'll say
but you know i'll wait forever. i'll stay

so what are we doing?
what do you want?
just give me a word and i'll do what you want.