i watched you fall for me, unapologetically
i saw the strength in you, it burned a hole right through
my world, i thought i knew it all
(world) i thought id never fall

you saw something in me, in these hands that let things
fall along all around everything, i could never hold on to
anything, i thought i had it all
(anything) then i heard you call

and you told me to open up my eyes
you told me to take off that disguise
you showed me i was lost, you showed me everything
you showed me who i was, you showed me everything

i told you not to fall in love with me
i said that Id be leaving soon, i needed to be free
i didnt mean to fall in love with you in this
world, i thought that this was all
(world) you just watched me fall


and now were thousands of miles apart
but i can still feel your heart
and you can still feel mine too
we cant ignore something so true
something out of me onto you