clever disguise

you're lying in my arms
the weight of your cough
is absorbed by my embrace.
you try to speak,
but the words wind down
into the shattering sound
of silence.

i'm holding back my tears,
i'm forcing forth a smile.
everyone said i had to be
strong just for you.
but you're the strong one,
not me. i guess it's
always been that way.

there is something of inside you that refuses to give up the fight
and there's something of inside me that won't ever let you go
i know something somewhere's waiting to take you away from me
but for tonight, can we both just pretend to sleep?

i trace the curves on your face
they've always matched mine somehow
but there's something different
this time, within yours now.
you're fading away from me
falling from my eyes
disease and its clever disguise.


no, no, pull through this one, too
we've gotten so far, but i'll get
nowhere without you
please don't give in...